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Welcome to my portfolio.


USC Triple Trojan

UX Design

Data Analytics

Figma, Google Suite, Excel, Canva, Asana, Notion



Empowering the youth in Ecuador with tools for financial education through everyday tasks (i.e. buying lunch).

Shazam Redesign

Our solutions help users to save time, share music cross-platforms and increase their overall engagement with Shazam. 

ComWorks Redesign

Learned the importance of information architecture and UI elements through the website navigation redesign. 

Mini Hackathon

Collaborated with multi-disciplinary team on the topic of Accessibility in 3-day hackathon sprint.

About Me

Hi, I'm Kayla. I've lived in Texas, Japan and Hawaii, but California is home. Being the "new kid" and moving around a lot as a child, taught me solid social skills and being inclusive. I'm an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. My previous work as a pediatric occupational therapist grew my compassion for people who are labeled as "different." I saw firsthand how my neurodivergent clients exceeded every expectation put upon them. Being inspired by them, I wanted to also step out of my comfort zone. Even with my Doctorate in Occupational Therapy, I knew there was still more to learn and wanted a new challenge for myself. Finding UX was a breath of fresh air - I love that it marries technical skills and creativity, while still being people-centered. As a UX Designer, I want to build inclusive solutions that celebrate the unique value each person brings. I'm a lifelong learner - striving to be a better iteration of myself than I was yesterday. You can find me at OrangeTheory, listening to countless YouTube tutorial videos on many hobbies, creating Cricut DIY crafts or playing strategic board games. I'm looking to surround myself with reliable, collaborative and critical thinkers to grow. I love meeting new people - so feel free to reach out!

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