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Relationship manager app to foster thoughtfulness in today's culture 

The Problem

Users want meaningful connections with others, but often don't have the time or energy to invest in relationships. Gift giving in today's culture can feel like another "to-do" task that is often time-consuming and stressful. Gift recipients often receive things that they don't "need" and money gets wasted. People seek deeper connections with others through genuine intentionality and feel most loved when someone is thoughtful. 

The Solution

I created a phone app that cultivates thoughtfulness. Users are able to have one go-to place to take notes and manage important information and dates about their loved ones. Users are then able to utilize this information to reach out, buy a gift, or show their loved ones that they care. Gifts are meant to be shared - so let's make sure they're meaningful. 

Target Audience

18+ adults who own a smart phone and have relationships they would like to go deeper with

UX / UI Designer



October 2023




Mobile iOS


Lack of Signifiers - 

Users are unable to interpret the significance of this graph due to lack of title and no labels on Y-axis

Data Interpretation Issues - 

Users are unable to understand how to utilize the information from this graph

Usability Issues - 

User has difficulty tracking spending habits and progress over

Aesthetic Design - 

User is disinterested with text-heavy design

Navigation Issues- 

Users are unsure what food category they are in and cannot easily switch categories

Lack of Consistency - 

Users see different terminology "Cerrar" and "Volver" button

Lack of User Control - 

Users have difficulty adjusting the quantity

The Next Steps

Synthesized research to create an prototype of an app that is different than its competitors.



Main Takeaways

Two main takeaways: 1. Design systems are not easy to design, but so crucial and 2. Spacing and alignment is essential. Since my background was not in design, I had to learn the hard way that alignment and spacing can make or break a design. I will walk away from this project to be more mindful of these things as I continue to grow my design skills. 

Next Steps

I plan to continue to develop this project and work with an engineer to program it. I feel like this app could be very helpful, and it has a slightly different focus than the gift trackers out there. Before I can get it to be developed, I will need to conduct usability tests and continue to refine my designs. 

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